Thermal Audit Testimonials

Most importantly, here is what our clients have to say:

Kerry from Calgary Thermal Vision was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. He answered all our questions and pointed out numerous things that we were totally unaware of. His detailed report was very concise and included several recommendations which we are currently following up on. We were impressed by this non-invasive scan and couldn’t believe what thermal imaging can reveal. We would highly recommend Calgary Thermal Vision to anyone.
- G.Martin
The report that we received from Calgary Thermal Vision was very professional and beneficial to our home. We now have ideas to make sure that we are keeping the heat in and the cold out. Kerry was extremely knowledgeable with the technology and very professional in our home, answering our questions as he worked. I would recommend Calgary Thermal Vision to anyone who would like to save that little bit extra on their energy bills as you never know what is going on behind your walls.
- Stacey E.
Kerry, I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed by your service. You were very professional while in my home and I appreciate the extra time that you took to answer all of my questions. The report was very thorough and the thermal images definitely speak for themselves! I have to admit that I was a little hesitant calling you to come over and scan my home knowing that I probably could not afford any major renovations right now...but a coworker who has also had a similar scan done on his home convinced me and I'm glad that I contacted you. I've realized having this “inside” knowledge of my home is truly invaluable. The great thing was that you helped me identify some easy to fix problem spots with your technology. It cost me $17 at the hardware store to fix the issues around my outside doors and bedroom window....and...despite the cold weather lately my heating bill has dropped by $30 in December and January! I'm positive this is because of your recommendations and I've told my friends and family about Calgary Thermal Vision. You should expect a few calls from them soon. Thank you very much!
- Dinah M.