Recommended Providers

Below are some service providers that we highly recommend to help you repair any issues found on your thermal scan.
4Weather Insulation 4Weather Insulation is a locally owned family run business. We take pride in offering excellent service and quality products to all our customers. With proper venting and insulation in your home you are insuring that your hard earned money is not being wasted on higher energy costs. Our products will help to improve not only the comfort of living but the air quality in your home as well. We offer free in-home estimates so that if you have any questions or concerns you can speak to us directly. Your written estimate protects you from any surprises should you choose 4Weather insulation for the job.
4Weather Insulation Inc.
(403) 455-6964
Platinum Environmental Services Whether it is a mold problem, water damage, or asbestos removal that you need, give us a call. Our head office is located in Calgary and we proudly serve all of Southern Alberta. Even if it's not urgent, it is never too early to get on top of a problem -- and we have the most up-to-date high tech equipment to solve it for you.
Platinum Environmental Services
Exterior Systems With our knowledge and experience of window installations you will always get a quality finished product.

When it comes to doors, you will get the look and functionality you want by choosing Exterior Systems. We choose doors that are energy efficient, stylish and premium grade for our customers.

Exterior Systems uses and recommends AAA Patio and Deck Covers which are custom designed and manufactured to your unique specifications. AAA Patio and Deck Covers are specifically engineered for use on different styles of residential homes, commerical buildings and businesses.
Exterior Systems