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Looking to become more energy efficient and possibly reduce your energy bills?

A thermal audit can locate areas that could be leaking energy (heat) that is invisible to the human eyes.

Does your home feel cool in the winter and warm in the summer?

You may be missing insulation in walls and ceilings or have poorly insulated windows and doors. Thermal images can take the guess work out and give you the answers you need.

In the long term, plan on the price of energy continuing to increase.

The largest use of energy is generally for heating and cooling your living space. Missing or lacking insulation and air leakage is the largest cause of energy waste in most homes. The impact of installing a new high efficiency furnace is not as great if the heat is simply escaping through the building envelope.

A properly insulated home has some of the following benefits:
  • Helps to save money on utility bills
  • Helps to reduce our carbon footprint and save our limited energy resources
  • Makes the house a more comfortable living space
  • Maintains a more uniform temperature throughout the house
  • Helps keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter

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House Scan Outside
Attic Thermal Scan
The picture-in-picture image above is of an access hatch to the attic and shows lack of insulation on the actual hatch cover. Heat from the attic is pushing down into the house during a hot summer day.